Versuri Tuatha de Danann - Tingaralatinga Dum The Dwarves Rebellion

Album: Tuatha de Danann - Tingaralatingadun

They say we all are "thing" from kid's beliefs
And say we're all just fantasy
They burn our woods and kick our little houses
They're wrong! They're wrong! They're wrong!
They're wrong! They're wrong!
We don't agree with the s**t they do to us!
They say we're not real. They are all wrong!
They shall begin believe we do exist
They will! They will! They will! They will! They will!
We love the trees, we love the rats
We kiss the roots, we love the land
We love the lakes and we roll in the sand
But they can't understand it because
They only think in themselves, the rest is forgotten
Their things are done and over others build their pride
Our lives are bothered
Forgetting the ancient ones...

Ok my friend we're here to say goodbye
We can't accept this situation anymore
You must look at the beautiful man who lived and hides inside you head
Forget this little man you've been
You must believe us
If you don't believe us we'll go away
So you will never see us again we'll go to another land