Versuri Tuatha de Danann

Also known as Pendragon Country: Brazil Label: Underclass Music Website: Formed in: 1995 1995- Celtic Folk metal Line-up Current members: 1995-  Bruno Leite Russi Maia - vocals, guitars, flutes, mandolin, bagpipes, whist   1995-  Rodrigo Berne - guitars, vocals   1995-  Giovani Gomes - bass, vocals   2000- ......Biografie Tuatha de Danann
Us Versuri
Tuatha De Danann Versuri
Beltane Versuri
The Bards Of The Infinity Versuri
Queen Of The Witches Versuri
Faeryage Versuri
Inrahma Versuri
The Dance Of The Little Ones Versuri
Battle Song Versuri
Behold The Horned King Versuri
Tan Pinga Ra Tan Versuri
Finganforn Versuri
Vercingetorix Versuri
Celtia Versuri
Some Tunes To Fly Versuri
Tingaralatinga Dum The Dwarves Rebellion Versuri
MacDara Versuri
Brazuzan Versuri
The Last Pendragon Versuri
Abracadabra Versuri
The Last Words Versuri
The Wanderings Of Oisin Versuri
The Delirium Has Just To Began... Versuri
Bella Natura Versuri
Lover Of The Queen Versuri
Land of Youth Versuri
The Danann's Voice Versuri
The Land's Revenge Versuri
Spellboundance Versuri
Believe, It's True! Versuri
The Arrival Versuri
Trova Di Danú Versuri
The Wheel Versuri