Versuri Tubes - Mutated

Album: Tubes - Mondo Birthmark

As I came back from galaxy seven
I’d dream of your face and I’d be in heaven
You used to be so very neat
Now your features are all fried meat
Ooo ooo baby, your face is mutated

Oh, your eyes are oozed to one side of your head now
When I look at you baby I wish you were dead now
You used to be the one I trusted, but not anymore
Seeing you now just leaves me disgusted
Ooo ooo baby, your face is mutated

It’s not your fault, you know it’s true
That I wanted to puke when I laid eyes on you
You know I love you always
But your nose is on, uh, sideways
Your face really ate it
Your body never made it
Looks like it’s been grated
Your face is mutated

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