Versuri Tumbledown - Movin On

Album: Tumbledown - Tumbledown

someday i'll quit this job and walk right out the door
this nine to five has got me down, i'm moving on for sure
feels like a lifetime i've been sitting in this room
feels like the right time so i'll be leaving soon

right now i'm here but i'll be leaving soon

i'm moving on, i'm moving on
soon i'll be gone i'm moving on
i'm moving on, moving on
this time tomorrow i'll be gone

i used to save my paycheck but now i spend them as i go
i used to save my grace so i could save a poor man's soul
now i take what i can get, there's never enough grace
the money left alongside salvation,
must have been a race

i'm still here in san francisco bay

most dreams are shipwrecked, cast away
it happens every day, it's happens every day
you don't know what you got until it's gone
so i'll be moving on

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