Versuri Tumbledown - My Sweet Darling Dear

Album: Tumbledown - Tumbledown

wait for me to come back to you
and do the things you wanted to
and tell you that i need you too
to see things from your point of view

if i could only make the grade
but i pulled the pin and held the grenade
and then i drank poison down
and spilled the antidote on the ground

my sweet darling dear, hold me
my sweet darling dear, hold me
my sweet darling dear, hold me near, hold me near

i've got to go but i'll be back soon
about the time the flowers bloom
in time to wake and shake the cold
about the time when love is growing bold
just say the word and i'll be at your door
i'll meet you on the threshing floor
miles away and still afraid to call
the sound of silence sometimes says it all

you knew right when you saw me but didn't wanna say it
thinking you're above me and how you're gonna play it
i hope that i'm wrong cause i know that i'm jaded
maybe my heart's just dislocated

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