Versuri TVANGESTE - Born To Be King Of Innerself

Album: TVANGESTE - Damnation Of Regiomontum

[Music by Tvangeste, Lyrics by Miron]

Millions of people from all over the world worship for different gods
But What is the God? What holy fathers teach them?
They teach to be resigned to fate...But What is Fate?
They teach to be humble, submissive...
They grow the weak willed herd of sheep...

Hey! Proud nation!
Think what happens with your mind!
Who controls your own souls?
What operates your lives?

Hey! Proud people!
Where's your lost freedom?
Your thoughts and your words
don't belong to you any more...

Born to be Free...
Like wind in the skies...
Born to be Strong...
Now close Your eyes...
Proud name 'The Man'
Should not be lost
Hold it in the memory
of your hearts

Thousands years they inspired you the fear of God's punishment
Rebels were burned in the fires
Thousand years they killed in you the sprouts of wisdom
No more! Brothers! Now is your time to rise!

Your God in Your Mind
You're owner of your soul, the master of heart filled by freedom.
Stop the Madness of lie, and use your best right
To use your best right
To be yourself!!!!