Versuri TVANGESTE - Damnation Of Regiomontum

Album: TVANGESTE - Damnation Of Regiomontum

[Music by Tvangeste, Lyrics by Miron]

Clouds hide the sun
Fire blinds my eyes
Smell of death around of me
Like a shadow...

Only sword in arm
Sorrow in my heart
Only hatred in my mind.....

GROUND of my land have now became red
It can't take the blood anymore
Shouts of dying like an echo
of the greatest tragedy come to my land
With the servants of alien god...

Regiomontum a garden on ashes
I roam in your infernal shadows
And only moonlight shines my mournful way
Regiomontum new life on the site of fire

Town the phantom in a fog of centuries
As a shelter of souls, crippled in sacred war...

For the name of goodness and love
Drowning in blood of the innocent people
For the name of goodness and love
Orphaned land, life transformed in ashes

When you'll lay down in a bed of Death
Ridden by fear of Uncertainty
Think of your life before you'll draw your last breath
Think of your sins in reality...

It's not rain that has spilled from the sky
It is tears of my people
It is not the rivers with pure water
It is the rivers of blood of my people
Now all of us are dead
There is nobody to raise children
There is nobody to harvest
Sacred fire has gone
Vaidelot's Sacred fire

The Land of our ancestors is grasped by the flame of war
The air is filled by bitterness
There is no the taste of freedom here anymore
Only grief about native ground
Only Unending rain and lonely warrior Mourn about
The Great nation exterminated for the name of goodness and love