Versuri TVANGESTE - Perkuno's Flame

Album: TVANGESTE - FireStorm

[Music by Miron and Naturelle, Lyrics by Naturelle and Alexander Marchenko]

But why can the wild people not be overcome by swords?
But why does the cross not lead to victory?
Their warriors are hard as oaks

Gods are placing swords in our hands
The wind is turning flame to your side
The faith unites us
The cross will not replace the forests and the free sky
Braiding the rivers
Blowing out the Fire of suffering
Rooting out the trees
The wind is carrying lives into eternity

The moon will light the path to infinity
The rain will build a wall and block your way

Heat in the heart will break off the breath of death
Giving freedom to the soul for good
The lightning cuts short the paths leading our enemies to it

The clouds are condensing
The enemies are crowding
The feast of a new threat
Grew up above the injured land
The moon born bloody
With a fierce eye of destiny
Is strangling last hope
Is strangling last pleas

The last cry of shadows is burying the wolfs' howl
The spirit of woods will call to be winds again
The crucified wanted to drown woods in blood
Taking the last that could save
The ruins of mendacious words are gnawed by worms
The last eyes are ready to wait for the victories
The Holly land is swallowed alive
Perkuno flame will not stop burning