Solistul de la Twilight Force a fost inlocuit de chitaristul de la Sabaton

de Cristi Nedelcu

Solistul de la Twilight Force a fost inlocuit de chitaristul de la Sabaton

Suedezii de la Twilight Force au anunta ca s-au despartit de Christian Eriksson aka Chrileon, solistul formatiei si ca inlocuitorul sau, cel putin pentru moment va fi Tommy Johansson, chitaristul Sabaton.

Johansson va canta cu Twilight Force pana cand formatia va gasi un inlocuitor permanent. Iata anunutul facut de formatie.

"Our singer Chrileon is no longer a part of Twilight Force.

The Twilight Kingdoms have been ravaged by turbulent times. Twilight Force has in recent times travelled far and wide, searching answers to ancient conondrums and mystical prophecies.

We have done battle numerous times during these journeys; and always fought back to back, ever resilient, and ever prosperous.

Everything to bring back order, peace and magic to the Twilight Kingdoms.

It has now become apparent to us, that somewhere along this perilous journey, Chrileon fell victim to the Forcelord's dark soul magic. And alas, his mind was easily enticed by these deceitful whispers of darkness, until the day eventually came, when Chrileon's spirit was completely obscured by blackness and avarice.

He secretly spawned minions of beguiling charm to aid him in his battle, and now, in the eleventh hour, Chrileon forsook his vow to stand by our side in the battles to come. Hence, Chrileon has inevitably forfeited his birthright to the Emerald Throne, and is unfit to rule the Kingdoms as a beacon of twilight.

We know this might seem like grave news to some of our brave Knights. But fear not! The future endeavours of Twilight Force will NOT be affected in any way, shape or form by the departure and fall of Chrileon. His compositional and musical contributions to Twilight Force has always been nonexistent. So the sights, sounds, and sparkling musical landscapes of Twilight Force will forever remain utterly and completely unaffected.

We will now begin the exciting adventure of searching the kingdoms for a worthy and mighty successor to Chrileon, to carry onwards the Crystal of Emerald Fire!

Also, the forthcoming journey together with Dragonforce will commence as planned with a temporary, albeit gloriously mighty and renowned replacement! It will be none other than our good friend Tommy Johansson (Sabaton, ReinXeed).

Just to make it clear, Tommy is not the new singer of Twilight Force; the stars fortunately aligned perfectly so that the touring schedule of Sabaton did not collide with our adventures together with Dragonforce.

We will respond to inquires in the comments to the best of our abilities."

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