Dee Snider a lansat un teaser pentru piesa 'Prove Me Wrong'

de Cristi Nedelcu

Dee Snider a lansat un teaser pentru piesa 'Prove Me Wrong'

Piesa va fi inclusa pe noul set de CD / DVD-uri ,"For The Love Of Metal Live!", al fostului solist Twisted Sister. Setul va fi lansat in aceasta vara via Napalm Records.

"I love contemporary metal and I think that's why it sounds so genuine. I go to shows. My kids are all metalheads, especially my daughter, she's hardcore. Over the years, because she was so young, I had to escort her to these shows, so I was exposed to all these hardcore bands. I love the passion, and I love the 'I've got nothing to lose' attitude that these bands have. That's what you lose when you're successful. You lose that fearlessness. I'd much rather listen to bands that have that heart and that passion than listen to people who have lost it. I've always been in tune with that and have loved it. Jamey, in writing, we sat and talked endlessly about what matters to me now and about what I wanted to say now and where was I at emotionally now.", a declarat Dee Snider.

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