Versuri Type O Negative - An Ode To Locksmiths

Album: Type O Negative - Dead Again

Been given the keys I knew Id receive
Be careful what youre asking for
Thy rod and thy staff simply twelve toned math
An earful opening all doors

Simon the roman gone fission for man
If youre caught is to be freed
Come open your lock by using a rock
Or sowing the proper seeds

Woe to thee all woman of land, air and sea
Adam was the serpent apple 'tween his knees
Seduced by a snake worshiped by nations
Banished forth, from Eden its the male who is Satan

From the tree of knowledge (a metaphor for sex)
Plucked a ripened globs of fruit that of her innocence
Since forbidden resisted forcing her to taste
Now I know why girls hate boys 'cause Eve was in fact raped

We aint going home - got nowhere to go

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