Where Did It All Go Wrong Bass Tab - U2

U2 - Where did it all go wrong- Bass Tab

>From ejkmg365@aol.com

I did this from memory, so it might be crude. 
If there is any mistakes, please correct them. 

Intro bass riff
A  I-5^7--55--44--22-I

Verse One - Play (2x)

A  I-----------------I-5555-5555-I-777-5-777-I-5-777-5-777-I
E  I-5555-5555-I-----I-----------I-----------I-------------I


A  I-555-------5-I-7777-7777-I-555-------5-I-7775-7775-I
E  I------5555---I-----------I------5555---I-----------I

A  I-555-------5-I-7777-7777-I-0000-0000-I-5-777-55-777-I
E  I-------555----I----------I-----------I--------------I

A  I-5-777-55-777-I-5-777-55-777-I-5-777-55-777-I-5-777-5754-----I
E  I--------------I--------------I--------------I--------------7-I

Then Play Verse Again (2x)

Then Play Chorus Again

Play this after the 2nd Chorus


A  I-000-00-0000-I-777-77-7777-I  (Play this once)

A  I-000-00-0000-I-777-77-757--I  (Play this 3x)

Then play this in the interlude.

A  I-555\\\\-I  Slide Down to Open A  (Play this 4x)

Then play

A  I-7777-7777-I-7777-7777-I 

G  I-99-77---------I-99-77------------I
D  I---------99-77-I----------99------I   
A  I---------------I---------------77-I

Then play the verse again (2x)

Then Play the chorus 

Then play the outro

A  I-0000-00-000-I-5777-55-7775-I-0000-00-000-I-5-777-57775-I  (Play 3x)

A  I-000-00-000-I-5777-55-7775-I

A  I-12-12-12--12-12--12-12-12-I-19-19-19--19-19--19-19-15-I

Then Play this

A  I-0000-0000-I-5-777-////////19-I Slide up to 19th fret-(Repeat this and