Cloudy Skies Chords - Ugly Kid Joe

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Subject: u/ugly_kid_joe/cloudy_skies.crd
Date: Tue, 07 Apr 1998 13:51:09 PDT

Song : Cloudy Skies
Group: Ugly Kid Joe
Album: Menace To Sobriety
Track Number: 8
Intro:F*F*F*B F*
Verse 1:

Wel they keep on taking my heart...F* B F*
And they keep on taking my soul...C* B F*
They keep taking an inch when I give them a mile,C* B F* B
Not seen, its been a while, since anyone smiled.G* G* F* F*


They dont know me, they dont know me...F* B 
They dont know me , they dont know me...F* F*
But my name is on the highway sign, never look back.C* B F* B
All those troubles are done, nothing left but to run...F* B F* C*
So meet me down and dont be shy, B F*
Its a place where we can hide.C* F*
There aint nothing to hear, there aint no one back here...F* B F* C*
Just you and I, and these clouded skies.B F*

Verse 2:

So its time to leave our home...F* B F*
And see the passes weve outgrown.C* B F*
Through the years weve kept our backs to the wind...C* B F* B
So long, be well, and goodby my friend.G* G* F* F*

Solo : Played over chords used in verse. 

Tabbed By Dirk Geens
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