Its A Lie Bass Tab - Ugly Kid Joe

Ugly Kid Joe
"It's a Lie"
Motel California
By: Dayton Mason

tune down 1/2 step.


{PLay this really fast}

E] 7-6-5-0--6-5-3-0--0-0-5-3do 3 1/2 times. Then ... add

A]       -5 the end

A] 7-7,7-     7-7,7-
D]   77-88-99
G] 99-88-77-66

YAH, im pretty close there you gotta admit, just tune everything down 1/2 step and it should sound like cordell's bass. [On the intro, just keep your fingers pulsing rythmically on the "E" string.  
All the rest you can figure out yerself. See ya. UKJ rocks !!!!!