Versuri Underoath - Walking Away

Album: Underoath - Cries Of The Past

The day I left you was the worst mistake I ever made. [x4]
Was ready to become something, I didn't need you dragging me down
I thought love just wasn't enough
My hair combed, nice shoes tied tight
Was ready to conquer life
Help unwanted, I can do this on my own...
And then I found myself wounded,
Tripping over myself, falling, scraping my knee...
Sadness fills, for I know I've failed
Why did I leave scared to go back?
Hoping you'll take me in with open arms
But also know that the hurt I've caused...
The breeze of angel's wings,
Standing there in a midst of flowers of every being
Tears grow and an orchestra begins to play
What a beautiful day, why are you alone?
Run child, it's time for you to go home...
Wounded spirit face in the dirt
I cry out for you to take me in
Your heart holds me close,
And I look up to face this world which so scares me
Faith in you.. loneliness just seems to fade.
The man once inside, now a child walking in your footsteps..
Hoping to grow up to be just like you Jesus [x2]
Hoping held leaves under feet from the trees of fall
Listening to autumn's call
A deeper breathe to continue on.
Depending on you, Christ carries me the rest of the walk... [x2]

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