Versuri Undivine - ...And The Word Was War

Album: Undivine - A Deceitful Calm

Upon the human race a word so plain engraved
The essence of the plan, the destiny of man
Written with the blood of countless nations
A prophecy of judgement dressed in funeral black

Like worms in the corpse of this world
Eating it up from inside
The warcries that rise will be heard...
Into to the heart of battle
Bleached bones withering....

Down through generations it has past for ages
In words of wisdom and in words of wrath
Leaving a trail of dead and dying in it's path
The bloodshed and slaughter have no end in sight

Like vermin that crawl everywhere
Ravaging without a thought
The screams of pain noone hear

A rain of blood and doom
The day of judgement closing in
The dawn that rise is dead
The bleeding sun crying above

The end is drawing near
A shadow creeps across the world
Obfuscate sense and thought
Killing what is left of reason

A calling to arms for each and all
One single order to follow

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