Versuri Unearth - Endless

Album: Unearth - The Oncoming Storm

shadows of doubt consume you. the light you barely see. growing wings of sorrow; have brought you to the winds of plague.
increscent boundries fade the way. a barren future all to real. and still i try to seek up and find the flame. and still i try
inside. it's endless. a barren future all to real and still i try inside endless fight. endless tragedy. endless lunacy. chalk up
the past as a memory. this battering sickness has surely won. all i have wasted. will this erase me. all i have wasted. wash
away. all i have i will erease. time to clean my wounds. can i win my own battle inside and out. can i win this battle
inside-outside. endless fight. endless tragedy. endless lunacy

9. aries

cowardly warrior vents his rage. his lust for blood cannot be appeased. what fickle angels are we. our divided brothers we slay.
his lust will erase all

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