Versuri Unearth - Only The People (Live)

Album: Unearth - Our Days Of Eulogy

Ban from our homeland.
A statute for our rights at hand.
A privilege for our protection.
Sliced from our peoples arms.
See how long the fight wages on inside our nations heart.
We are better off to fight ourselves.
How long will we see the battering and tragedy?
And how much will we lose, before we fall apart!
The lives, that were lost, because of their inability to form a truce
That might help, keep these instruments of destruction
Away from the unstable minds
No more.
Let it stop.
Let's see how long the fight wages on inside.
We are better off fighting this battle ourselves.
How much will we lose before we fall.
Put down your g*****n weapons.
We are slaughtering our own sons.
Each side solid.
Neither will crumble.
Who will lose?
Only the people.

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