Versuri UNEXPECT - Feasting Fools

Album: UNEXPECT - In A Flesh Aquarium

[by Syriak]

{ Drinking words from a bone catheter _Without consistence _Tasting
dominance as an appetizer _Ambitious platters spiced with numbers _My
thoughts wander as I stare at the talking fish... _ Giving sound advices on
how to silence my dish. }{ Billions of livings painting for the greedy _In
this summit of foam _Invited by naughty titans in their inhuman museum _To
share not-so mysteries and their would-be decorum. }{ Feasting fools on a
monstrous path _Feasting fools in a soiled bubble bath _Table is set for
tragedy _A misshapen mole in the face of decency. }{ Cybernetic fairies in
loss of power _Crushed by the work-till-death project _Sick as wingless
birds skewered on a numeric stake. }{ Look...the synthetic clown is smiling
_...and the children are starving _Ludicrous pawn of despotic tramplers
_Industrial monsters, jaws ripping the very fabric _of this physical
existence. }{ Elegant jackets, dragon-skin style; mandrake cigars fathering
tiny storms of snobbism, fresh cemetery juice and electro-nerves floating
rubba' things. _High educated horned giants worshipping shallow luxuries
_Boiling with a vain intensity just staring at the cyclic visual feast. }{
Descending to visualization vault XYZ after an exquisite dinner _Holographic
sceneries depicting The All _So many lives... _Frames no more, captured by
digital _Invisible bonds...but still...such nice colors... _Irregular
digitalis begging for guidance in his strayed life _A juggling feat for the
eaters _A struggling beat for the wired. }{ Just standing now in the middle
of a past _Marble still in the dead zone _The cemetery walking over me
_...and I wonder. }{ Are they stones or are they names _Am I stoned or just
ashamed _Just a human with respect in his pockets _Ready to share some with
the face of the worthy _Let the Grim be aware, _I won't be reaped without
guarantees _I like my eggs boiled and that's it. }

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