Versuri UNEXPECT - Psychic Jugglers

Album: UNEXPECT - In A Flesh Aquarium

{ ... the Storks brought you an angel
so Sing goddess, Sing for him. }

{ " If they could only touch his soul to understand " }

{ And the Shiver whispers:
" You forgot how to live ; Verviv tnemmoc eilbuo zeva suov " }

{ No time, No life, No Death, will erase the carvings
He may spoil my days and disguise the future,
the history is ours. }

{ And the Shiver whispers :
" I'm above, in, and underneath you ; Rueiretni L a te suos, sussed ua " }

{ The mnemonic only brings the clown to meet the nails
in his head
He finds a book, reads the prelude... but feels the end...
Do you cry for him ?
...never enough !!! }

{ And the Shiver whispers :
" Do the math for a decade to live chaos for a second " }

{ ...and a second is wasted, as the previous and the next, making your path
narrower than it could be or should }

{ And the Shiver whispers:
" I am the one writing these words... " }

{ Will they be the next carvings ? }

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