Versuri UNEXPECT - The Shiver: A Clown's Mindtrap

Album: UNEXPECT - In A Flesh Aquarium

[by ChaotH]

These are the most gorgeous female vocals youll ever hear.
Trust me, my opinions are the rightest.

[Eastern European character set:]
{ k azok, akik mindent lttak,
s k, tvoznak utoljra.
Teht ljle, tlts magadnak egy italt,
figyelj, hagass... }

{ Mert ma, most, a falak beszlnek... }

{ (They've seen it all and will be the last to leave.
So sit down, pour yourself a drink, and hear...
Today the walls can talk...) }

{ Kivve ez a szerny ; de a fjdalomnak vget nem r szimfonija,
ami egyben boscnatot kr hogy nem voltam jelen melletted
a legutols alkalom adtn. }

{ (Accept this modest, yet never-ending symphony of pain,
In apologies for my absence at the side of YOUR last sight) }

{ Another dissonant chord for my sanity's requiem
Ami egy msik szomoruan hangz akkord a lelkemnek
Un autre accord dissonant pour le requiem de ma sant. }

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