Versuri Urgehal - Sentiment Of Chaos

Album: Urgehal - Goatcraft Torment

A sentiment of utter darkness
Embrace my Grande soul
Old is the motion
That used to move me
In such evil manner
But through ten years
I carried no variance
But valid unholy hate

As a bastard vagabond of hell
I marched these fields of filth
Through fog scattered forest's
And sadistic undergrounds
Still wearing the same old hate
Towards... Exactly you !

Salve ! Father of darkness
Facing you
Through the eyes of my prey
Sensing you
Through the stench of my prey
Wearing the mark of hate
I am the filth stains on the medals of honour
And the beast on the back of the lamb

A woman and three children
Burned spontanious till death
Master of tragedies, your chaos is impotent
Increase the harm !
And let us see, through the real eyes of hell

Lead us through raining fire
Destruction, war and pain
End my graveyard shift
On this doomed & f****d earth


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