Versuri URT - Ad Absurdum

Album: URT - Varjuring

Cosmic Tower endless stairs, ascending steps escapeless
Up words to Darkness infinity, elevation into my madness
Amidst corridors of dark knowledge, I am shouting with our weakness
"We, begotten and forgotten by God, I take thou souls to shadowy art"
Dream in dream in dream I was dreaming, belvedere of life consuming
Night moths deforming to flies, lovely, sweet imagination,
Negligibly breaking into shatters"
Eternal mirrors in front of me, what is my Beast and Beauty?
Where are thou our mythical island, what was drowned by ye Oceanus?
In one day and night, ye fragments of ephemeredes collapsed
Knowledge sunk in pelagic abyss, any of us has not therefore "spoken"
Knocking Phoebus of philosophy, ye whip of salt for humanity
Perhaps Atlantis has never fallen, it is ye world in vicious circle
In ye standstill of aeon, in absurdity of saturnine truth
Surrounding plan of contingency, disjecta membra of cognition
Eternal path of freedom, to our ever-reachable Freedom
Deeper and deeper to puzzled dreams, I am ye last mosaic lost
Dark alone, on my own, Void, Death-point, Divine"