Versuri Utopian Trap - A Promise of Paradise

Album: Utopian Trap - Fiction Fades Into Reality

Once I dreamt I would
Rule a world of pleasures
Once I dreamt I would
leave my footprints
Senses corrupted
Ignorance belied
Foolish dreams were kicked out
I only had her to hold

Senses corrupted Adversity subdued
Ignorance belied Apathy consumed me
Foolish dreams were kicked out of me
I only had her to hold on to

Can she be my savior?
She can heal all my bleeding
She can bring me the future
A promise of paradise

The promise of paradise

we find solace in our webs of illusion
weaving around us a shield to hide from our fears
we find courage behind our masks of deception
lying to ourselves to hide from the truth

Am I in denial?
It was she who was bleeding
Delusion consumed me
And tore down my paradise

She made a promise of paradise that I could never ever find

Please lie to me
Please convince me
That there is a difference
That I hoped I'd never find

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