Versuri Utopian Trap - Hate Machinery

Album: Utopian Trap - Fiction Fades Into Reality

I dont crave cancerous wealth
Or mind numbing entertainment like you
We are vacant and there's no cure
Everyone dance to the machine's grim tunes

Every corner the same warning signs
Last chance for evacuation
I try to escape So isolated
Don't judge me take a look at yourself

Quick, cover your eyes, cover your ears, ignore the fools cry
Once it'll be your turn, where will you hide, as your dreams burn

Fear traps our thoughts
The easy way out
Follow the word

Rage, feeds on hate
Follow the word "hate"

We live in this world overrun by greed
Lying and killing For big money deals
I am sick of it all But what can I do?
I'm just one man And the system's too strong

Hate machinery churning its wheels
Grinding away at consciousness