Versuri Utopian Trap - Hollow Point Death Knell

Album: Utopian Trap - Fiction Fades Into Reality

Countless people caught helpless between two ideologies.

Soldiers of freedom
Coat the streets crimson
Apocalyptic vision

Ending so many of my dreams
Echoes of gunshots and screams
God, this cant be happening

They speak of revolution
Of a better time yet to come
What difference is it to me
At the wrong end of a gun

Scream for retribution
From comfort of your homes
Sit back watch the action

Its like a game on your xbox
Lets strategize the next war
Don't matter who pays the price

You kill in the name of freedom
Or kill in the name of god
What difference is it to me
The ringing has begun

Of a hollow point death knell

For bigots a war of hate
White collar a war of greed
Some believe its a war for justice
For politicians opportunity
For some entertainment
Some wrapped in apathy
Me? Who the f**k cares?
For me it is a war of death

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