Versuri Vama Veche - The band

Album: Vama Veche - Vama Veche

We gathered together a long time ago
We said we will play the music we know
Then we all agreed that will be just fun...
It turned out to be more than aim, shoot and sometimes run...
The situation,
In your position, i know,
We're all together,
This forever.
Who knows?
We say we're friends
Do we pretend?
I hope not... at least not me.
We play the music
For you to use it,
So please don't go.

But one thing's amazing
We're all f*****g crazy,
We know that for sure,
We love everybody,
We never hate somebody
We're good guys
The time is running
The same our money
That's life
We're getting old
Some of us bald
You can't help that...
You know you can't help it man
Some of us married
Others are buried
It's ok.
One fact's for sure,
Our kids will have this
Song played.

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