Versuri VARATHRON - Necranastasis

Album: VARATHRON - Genesis of Apocryphal Desire

[From the Procreation of the Unaltered Evil demo]

Ygnai Fthig Nga Sothoth YmBdNig ChEye Do Xna
Ngrktl Ftythech Gia Nghaa Jug Mglo Mnyg Nafth

Swirling around the forbidden dimensions
Entering strange eons of disgust
Entombed in the stone ruins of great RLye
The Ancient Ones prepare for the last awakening

Psychodeath rites Necromantical psalms
Though timeless agony Death shall retreat

The liberated wrath An orgy of perverted lust
Holocaust of morbid sodomy The initiates await

[Leprocious Lord]

Within his castle in Rlye The dead Cthulu awaits
While dreaming

Astral shape reentering the lifeless body
The black winged creature in chaotic noise
Emerges from the depths of the emetic abyss
Spreading forth the putrid stench of Necranastasis

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