The Rain Tab - Vedera

Watched a video of them performing it 
live and looks like this is how the 
guitarist plays it. 
Enjoy! =)

The Rain - Vedera  Chords (Capo 2)

Intro -[ch]E[/ch][ch]Asus2[/ch][ch]E[/ch][ch]Asus2[/ch]

Take a walk with me love

You say you can't get enough

We won't till you open your door 

        [ch]Asus2[/ch]    [ch]E[/ch]   [ch]Asus2[/ch]
And you give some more to me

       [ch]E[/ch]        [ch]Asus2[/ch]
And the silence in your steps

                   [ch]E[/ch]            [ch]Asus2[/ch]
As you tip toe around the rest

Makes me want to pull you in

    [ch]Asus2[/ch]                         [ch]E[/ch]            [ch]Asus2[/ch]
And kiss you my friend and your silly games

And I'm not tired I could chase you 

   [ch]Asus2[/ch]                       [ch]E[/ch]               [ch]Asus2[/ch]
Around and debate you here again and again

So tell me lies if you want to

       [ch]Asus2[/ch]                 [ch]F#m[/ch]     [ch]Asus2[/ch]
I can take it I won't be afraid

'Cause I am the rain


         [ch]E[/ch]        [ch]Asus2[/ch]
The rain is gentle some days

                     [ch]E[/ch]                     [ch]Asus2[/ch]
It can clean off the mess that winter made

Rain can wash all the years of 

 [ch]Asus2[/ch]                            [ch]E[/ch]           [ch]Asus2[/ch]
Doubt and the tears that were shed

                [ch]E[/ch]       [ch]Asus2[/ch]
So just look up please

                      [ch]E[/ch]             [ch]Asus2[/ch]
Shine a little bit of hope to me oh

Let me know there's a season for all

       [ch]Asus2[/ch]                    [ch]E[/ch]      [ch]Asus2[/ch]
And a season to call you my love

And throw me off with your pride

      [ch]Asus2[/ch]                     [ch]E[/ch]               [ch]Asus2[/ch]
It's okay I won't hide here again and again

I'll tell you there's no mistaking

     [ch]Asus2[/ch]                  [ch]F#m[/ch]     [ch]Asus2[/ch]
The reason that I'm not afraid

Cause I am the rain

[ch]E[/ch][ch]Asus2[/ch][ch]F#m[/ch][ch]Asus2[/ch] (2x)

The rain'll wash us clean and I know

[ch]Asus2[/ch]      [ch]F#m[/ch]
The rain'll wash us clean and when it does

I will be right beside you holding on, holding on (2x)

[ch]E[/ch][ch]Asus2[/ch][ch]F#m[/ch][ch]Asus2[/ch] (4x)

End on E