Versuri Vedera - A World Apart

Album: Vedera - Stages

Well, here we stand alone
(Our goodbyes and our waiting)
Getting our feet to move, always the hardest part
Like friends we know we've traveled off from one another
And we're trying to face the days a world apart

And change is what we have all been born into
That's what he said and all that I have to hold on to
But you have opened up the heart of me
Taken the shadows and replaced them with your face

And you have opened up a part of me
Saying, please don't leave me here
When I'm a world apart from you

My independence is the part that drew you in
You said, I like the way you know a thing or two
But I must confess the air I breathe and paths I tread
Are making me less aware of what I am to do

I've done all I can to build the strength I need
Climbed all the mountains, wishing you were here to see
With a true and faithful heart I found
The one apart from all the others
I can stand alone because I know that