Versuri Vedera - Back To The Middle

Album: Vedera - Stages

It's on this road that I'm drawn back to you
As the miles remember me as I go
It's in the sadness of a night's dream that I recall
The words of devotion we spoke

And I can't remember where our bodies roamed
I can't remember all alone
How our love got lost out in the cold

But you're the only song I hear
In this great wandering mess in my ears
You're the only one I know who brings me back to the middle

I separated all I thought I knew
In a pile of books collapsed upon my floor
I memorized the words in code and true
But I can carry them with me no more

Don't tell me you've been swept away
I can't believe it about you, I won't believe it about you

And you will draw me near
When the sky opens and we appear
And you'll bring me once again back to the middle

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