Versuri VEHEMENCE - Darkness is Comfort

Album: VEHEMENCE - Helping The World To See

We're cast down through the ages
We're cast out forgotten
Through emptiness of solitude
Through this emptiness

No one will ever listen
No one will even care
Darkness is the only comfort
Darkness is all that's safe

Their gazes turn sideways whenever you're near
They turn their backs to you pretend you aren't there
It's so hard to smile when they feed you this s**t
You'll never fit in, never be one of them

So hard to be the outcast
So hard to be alone
Why must there be tomorrow
Why must there be today

They say that they're your good friends
They say nothing but lies
No one is to be trusted
No word is ever safe

No one is to be trusted
No word is ever safe
Darkness the only comfort
Darkness all that's safe

Bring it in waves like the ocean at night
To wrap its cold hands around my head
To blur out the colors of all that is life
Steal air that I breathe from my chest

Pull me out, current, show me new life
Grant me this chance to see
What I could become if left on my own
Without them staring at me

They will not understand what we've become
They'll never know how far we've gone
They just keep smiling, the joke is on them
They won't understand, the joke is on them

I will find my life
I don't need you to leave me, I left you behind

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