Versuri VEHEMENCE - The Lord's Work

Album: VEHEMENCE - God Was Created

The lords work [2x]

My head begins to swim
With visions of my life

So much blood [2x]

And for nothing more than a man-made dream
My family is dead because they made me
Lusting for Affection in gods name
Their blood merely a drop in oceans I created

I am doing....the lords work [2x]

Watching her in that room as she ignores me
I feel so alone, she never noticed me
Jealous of her god she did it to herself
I couldn't bear to see her love anyone

Slipping away
My only escape
My blood drains
Death I embrace

My body grows numb for the last time
Looking around at the innocent victims
I must not live to see another day
This bathroom is where I take my last breath

The Lords Work [2x]
So Much Pain [2x]
The Lords Work [2x]
Is bullshit [2x]

This story is the last fantasy of christ
Magical power that never existed
He was a man just like any other
His story was blown out of proportion

I did kill her
He Never did a thing
Christ, I f*****g Hate You!

The Lords Work [4x]

God Was Created [4x]

Don't believe all their lies
The Lords Work [2x]

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