Versuri VEHEMENCE - What Could Go Wrong?

Album: VEHEMENCE - Helping The World To See

It started, with so much love, surrounding, your idyllic and picturesque,
perfect home

Moments, so filled with joy, everyday, warm with caring smiles love and
peace and comfort

That first day, at school so scared, parents there, with arms around your
shoulder holding your shaking hand

Life with no flaw
What could go wrong

Pain comes, from deep within, brought about, by course of the human condition,
and destroys

Resulting, in the dreams end, and you see, the rapid demise of this happy family
Substance, to dull the pain, is consumed, now oblivious to the loss of all emotion
Mother, came home so late, so f****d up, and ragged from having sex with another

Whore c**t f****d Up
That's what went wrong

Now you need escape, you turn to the crowd
Get out of your mind to help you get through
Numbness closes in and you close your eyes
Take in the poison breathe out thoughts of life

Now you need escape to help you get through
Numbness closes in breathe out thoughts of life

[Solo: Chavez/Dannov]

Now you see that things went wrong

It started with so much love which was lost when the holes were filled by another
Watch your mom get f****d in her a*s to keep you all barely alive in this hell
And you think back to those days when you smiled she used to think about happiness

Life with no flaw
What could go wrong

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