Versuri VEHEMENCE - You Don't Have To Be Afraid Anymore

Album: VEHEMENCE - Helping The World To See

Little girl in my arms turned eight months three days ago
Pretty green eyes that cried when I scolded her
Married thirteen years, I loved my wife and my job
Three perfect daughters I did not deserve
She took them away, said I had grown cold
They found another life with a new daddy to love
I tried to see them but days past they grew away
Gave them my heart, they took the life from me

I watched their life - two months after they had gone
Followed patterns - she went running in the morning
And made my plans - I'll take fear from their eyes

Daddy is at the door
Don't be afraid
Just let me in
Everything is fine

Her smile shattered - "Daddy why do you have a gun?"
Gut shot painless - I know the others will soon wake
Through the hallway - nine year old died in her bed
Master bedroom - the baby stirs in her crib

Your green eyes
Cry no more
My baby girl
Dies in my arms

You don't have to be afraid anymore

My tears drop on her bloody face
She will never have to be afraid
The cops found my body laying in bed
Eight-month-old baby dead in my lap

You don't have to be afraid anymore...