Versuri Velvet Acid Christ - Asphixia (Wasted Days And Wasted Nights)

Album: Velvet Acid Christ - Twisted Thought Generator

We shot the sky 40 times.
And disappeared in freezing vapor.
I could have been the parasite
Chewing holes in this life
You so cheaply passed on.
Not so convenient to stand on
Crumbling cities or rejected
Water that you spit out.
As sores begin to set in.

Infected, rejected, neglected ejected.
Infected, rejected, neglected, neglected.

Hold your breath. hold your breath.
Breathe slowly the air you burnt out.
Tried to warn you of your behavior
Sickened with disease
Waste, waste, waste, waste,
wasted, wasted, so wasted, so wasted. So wasted, so wasted
so wasted, so wasted, so wasted, so wasted.

Burned alive
taught to kill,
Buried alive.
Taught to kill,
Lost the will to live.
I've lost the will to live.
Simply lost the will to live.
I've lost the will to live.

Infected, rejected, injected ejected

Hold Your Breathe. Hold Your Breath.
Just hold your breath.

Lying down, fornicate, reaching this retarded state,
On some lost thought that ripped at my hear, ripping out forever.

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