Versuri VENIN NOIR - The Lunar Soil 2 - Perfect And Cold

Album: VENIN NOIR - In Pieces On The Lunar Soil

[Music: Santos Lyrics: Dias]

["As it always happens, from an unexpected place comes another promise of happiness, and you feel able to hope again. These are some of the priceless moments we should keep in our minds as long as we live. It talks about the fear of failing again. But the sense of having achieved a higher ground makes us overcome this fear, and try to pick up the pieces and build another future with a clean spirit, on another moon. Because every word is right, when said to the right listener."]

You're so perfect and cold as the lunar soil
You're the distance unfold from the lunar soil

You showed me to the lunar soil
When the night was still
And the past silenced our reason
You kept every word I ever wrote
Because they could be yours
As it now seems impossible to get rid of misery

In pieces on the lunar soil
I just found another moon
In pices on the lunar soil
I've been to a wrong sky

You showed me to the lunar soil
When the night was over
You just made shadows live again
Keeping every word I ever said
Because they should be yours
As it now seems reliable this way out of agony

Let me fear, comprehend my fear
We know what's like to be in pieces on the lunar soil

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