Versuri Vepres - Perpetual Morrow (demo Broken Wisper 2003)

I step outside my dead body
And I can''t look up to see the light and beauty

Because I HATE!! 
As the night''s powers
I inherited,
In perpetual morrow
I reign.

Breathing through the fire,
Dark ages rise.
Supreme knowledge
And the purest mind 
Unburried from 
The twilight. 

I dream you dead!

I haven''t lost perception as I died
A fragile dream
So warm inside
In blackened sorrow

I dream you dead!

Wandering through endless darkness and pain
I''m falling through the void, neverending chaos.
A black dove is crying, showing me my way
I am here forever, never to return again.

I dream you dead!
I dream you dead!

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