Versuri Versus the World - In Spite Of The World

Album: Versus the World - Versus The World

I woke up from this dream,
to find that I was sleeping,
so I went back to sleep,
and dreamed I was awake,
I locked myself inside,
while you were on the outside,
I stood outside and watched,
but I couldn't let you in,

if you could only see that,
you that is a part of me,
maybe then you'd see,
inside yourself,

wrote a letter to myself,
but I couldn't bear to send it,
so I tore it up and,
wrote a letter to a friend,

if you could know that growing up,
means letting go,
maybe then you'd grow up,
by yourself,

we're growing up again,
we're learning to accept,
that all good things,
must come to an end,
we're growing up again,
we're trying to understand,
what it's like to let go,
of a friend,