Versuri Versus the World - Medellin

Album: Versus the World - Versus The World

Dear God, if you can hear me then save me
From myself, 'cause I'm gone and close to dying
From all the things I've done

I guess it's true, you become the things you do

Kill me, taste me, I need this to burn so I know
What I'm wasting, breathe in deep and hold me there

Don't inhale till I'm safe and sound and you've
promised I'm fine

Body and mind

My God what have I done? have I forgotten who I am?
There was a time when I was strong enough to keep myself from all of this
But all of this just felt so f*****g good
But now I'm suffocating

Can you feel me inside of you?
Swimming safely inside of you
I would die here if you let me
Let me fill you up till our hearts explodes

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