Chitaristul Vesania, Marcin 'Valeo' Walenczykowski, a murit

de Cristi Nedelcu

Chitaristul Vesania, Marcin 'Valeo' Walenczykowski, a murit

Marcin 'Valeo' Walenczykowski, chitaristul VESANIA de mai bine de 10 ani a murit dupa ce a pierdut lupta cu cancerul.

Bazele formatiei au fost puse in 1997, printre membrii fondatori fiind si Orion de la Behemoth.

Valeo s-a alaturat formatiei in 2006, lansand doua materiale altauri de Vesania, Distractive Killusions si Deux ex Machina.

Vesania a declarat urmatoarele:

"He loved life more than any of us ever will. He was full of joy, independent personality, and free of demands and judgement. We all should have learned more from him. He was also an outstanding musician. He never wished to complain about his health condition or make it public, although he was fighting a horrible sickness for a long time. Marcin Valeo Walenczykowski, our friend and guitarist, passed away this morning. Lights out. Curtains close."

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