Versuri Viatrophy - Chronicles

Album: Viatrophy - Chronicles

So that's it then, it's settled
We can move on and stop feeling this way
"Don't you f*****g talk to me about suffering"
But what can I do?
Sounded less like s**t before paper soaked up this ink
Maybe I'll make it rhyme, hide the fact we're doomed to sink
Initiate a scheme
Chronicles of where I stand
Callow mind but yet it feels so right

I'll never turn away,
I'll never let my hope drown
I'll always stay the same,
I'll never let my hope drown

Why does it always feel like four walls closing in on me
No f*****g back door
No f*****g means of escape
Never once did I change the way I felt inside
This is not the start of my demise

I'll never understand,
Why we'll never feel the same

If I could always look up and see you looking over me
Maybe I'd regret all the things you didn't see

Can't stop my heart this time