Versuri Viatrophy - Sufferance

Album: Viatrophy - Viatrophy

Sift through the rubble, creating a case against this earth.
Found in the last place I search.
From deep within you force the mirror upon myself.
Face my sins, my eyes scratched, blind to this sight.
Self-indulgence makes my flesh turn grey, the beauty within, blackened to a darker core.
The selfless act brings me into the light, a shell of purity masks the internal decay.
I become the demon in my dreams.
I become the object of my hate.
Soulless, my disposition raped from me.
Identity masked by my words.
I must remove the mask I wear,
I must defeat the demon in my dreams.
A second-hand soul dressed in silk to match its peers, playing catch-up to the perfection I adore.
Scars under the surface, hidden from them all, they will remain until I reach peace within.
I work through this void, search through debris, change frequencies, reclaim myself.