Versuri Viatrophy - The Ethereal Darkness

Album: Viatrophy - Viatrophy

Society made to destroy souls, bound and gagged silence us all, rewards too small.
Watch your plans unfold, lead me to the ledge
Make me walk the path into the sea of endless misery.
Lead me blindfolded into the cell where I'll remain evermore.

Clip those wings, artificial success, no results, lost souls, tense times shared.
You rule supreme, yet you rule not over me.
Our precious time spent adding fuel to your raging flame.
Accelerate your growth, the power lies in your hands.
The rocks fall still, the cliffs erode, no satisfaction found down your road.
Resistance felt from this brick wall, it stands strong.
Withstand your fire, untouched by your iron claw.
Buried alive, I'll work these coffin nails free.
Through tinted lenses your sunset will not draw me in, cut the chord, I'll chase this light.
The foundations laid beneath me strong hold me high.
Stand my ground, reclaim my place, unlike moths drawn to light, avoidance proves its worth.
Glorious this failure, drowning makes the water taste like wine.

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