Versuri Vicious Crusade - Dress Me Black

Album: Vicious Crusade - Freedom Comes

You hate to see me dressed in black,
But now I'm ready to fight back.
It's time for you to realize
That there will be no compromise.

I won't do things you want me to.
Will not become the one like you.
I'm dressed in black, but not to grieve.
I'm dressed to stand for my belief.

I'm dressed in black.
I'm not like you, not from your track.
And if you're brave enough to hate me,
Wishing to exterminate me,
If you dare – you must know I'll hit you back.

You tried to ruin all my life,
But gave me reason to survive.
You gave me strength I'd never had.
So, here I am not broken yet!


We get stronger,
We get stronger day by day.
We get stronger,
We will do it our way.