Versuri VICIOUS RUMORS - Buried Alive

Album: VICIOUS RUMORS - Cyberchrist

[Thorpe, Smyth, O'Connor]

You feel it weighing over head
you worked yourself down to the bone
burning and baring the scars of the walking dead
another time another tale
You can't run, you can't hide, your a*s is bound and tied
in your skin you can't win becomes a prison within
all your cries all your lies they're eatin' you up inside
Truth is clear truth is now so let there be no doubt
slippin' through my hands life and it's luxuries
losin' your mind while chasing the time
working so hard just to pay the bills
but sometimes it feels your being buried alive
being buried alive
If you want it and you need it
you gotta get up and take it
don't let this world drag you down
Anger builds pressure mounts you have no will to fight
your own fears your own thoughts they're eating you up inside
truth is clear truth is now so let there be no doubt
you must change rearrange or you'll be buried alive

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