Vile Obsession

Stiluri: Grindcore Deathcore Death


The band was founded in January 2007, initially consisting of Bambu -guitar(ex-Open Fire), Iulian- guitar, Chucky- drums (ex- RaQ),Fratica- vocals (ex-Puls), Vme- bass (ex- Innergrave, Datora). In the course of a one-year period, the band has underwent numerous line-up changes, the first one to leave being Vme. The band thus had been left without a bassist until the spring of 2008, when Alex Miron was co-opted. Shortly afterwards, the second guitar player, Iulian, also left due to personal reasons, the band being put in stand-by. In the spring of 2009, new alterations took place within the band, leading to the present line-up, namely: Bambu- guitar, Chucky- drums, Fratica- vocals, Alex- guitar, Dodo- bass (ex-Halta Dezgust, Westfalia, SS-13). Myspace: biografia Vile Obsession

Stiri cu Vile Obsession

  • Concert Negative Core Project in bar Hand din Iasi

    MetalSupport va invita duminica, 6 martie, in Bar Hand din Iasi. Va asteptam  in bar incepand cu ora 20.00, ora  de acces pentru public. Incepand cu ora 21.00, pe scena vor urca: Negative Core Project Open Fire Vile Obsession Bilet: 10 Lei, acesta putand fi achizitionat in seara concertului...

  • Brutal Fest 3 in bar Hand din Iasi

    MetalSupport va invita Duminica, 17 aprilie, la Brutal Fest Iasi 3. Locatia: Bar Hand, Bd. Stefan cel mare Nr 14, Et 2, Iasi. Accesul se poate face incepand cu ora 19.00, ora  de acces pentru public, iar concertul incepe de la ora 22:00 fix. Trupele participante sunt: Mastic Scum Necrovile Vile...

  • Concert Deadeye Dick si Deliver The God in Hand Bar din Iasi

    Deadeye Dick (metalcore) vor concerte duminica, 9 ianuarie, in barul Hand din Iasi. In deschidere vor canta cei de la Deliver The God (deth metal/hardcore) si Vile Obsession (death metal/grindcore). Acest concert face parte din " Deliver The Dick Of A Deadeye God Tour I ". Concertul incepe de...

  • Concert Innergrave, Vile Obsession si Warkid in Iasi

    Metalsupport prezinta duminica, 16 mai, o seara de exceptie in Bar Hand din orasul Iasi. Evenimentul incepe de la ora 20:00 iar pretul unui bilet de intrare este de 10 RON. 10 dintre cei prezenti la concert vor primi cate un CD cadou cu EP-ul " Momigeonspigens ", semnat Innergrave . Formatiile...

  • Satan Klaus Metal Party 3 diseara in Fire !

    Sambata, 9 ianuarie 2010, Fire Club din Bucuresti gazduieste Satan Klaus Metal Party 3 - Reload edition. Pe scena vor urca cei de la VILE OBSESSION , KA.DINGIR.RA , PAVILIONUL 32, SPIRITUAL RAVISHMENT si ABNORMYNDEFFECT iar evenimentul incepe la ora 18:00. Pentru rezervatii folositi adresa de e-mail...

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