Versuri VIRGIN STEELE - Emalaith (Re-Mastered)

Album: VIRGIN STEELE - Hymns To Victory

[Lyrics & Music: David DeFeis]

This Is The Land Of My Beginning
These Are The Mountains Of My Birth
Dark With The Blood Of Desecration
Oh Where Is She Who Is My Pride

I Hear The Weeping Of The Spirits
Dark Wings Of Hatred Fill The World
I Know She's Waiting Out There Somewhere
Beyond The Shadows Of My Eyes

Is There A Life Among These Ruins
The Charred Remains Of All My Kind
Stung By The Sword Of Retribution
I Swear An Oath Where They Have Died
I Will Return To Wreak My Vengeance
Let Heaven Grant What Love Does Seek
Alive Without A Breath, Reach For The Thorns Of Death
A Shadow Falls Before My Eyes

Emalaith Dies Alone In The Night
Lost Like A Child She Leaves Me
Scars On The Wind To Hold Me Inside
Tomorrow Belongs To Never
I'll Tear The Walls Of Erebus Down

Child Of The Desolation
Cry To Me Under Stars That Have Died
Under Skies Of Pain We Are Born
Ooh Yeah, We Are One, Forever We'll Be
Oh My Love, We'll Defy Death And Meet On Holy Ground

After The Darkest Treason I,
I Will Arise Again!!!

Emalaith Dies Alone In The Night
A Kiss On The Wind She Leaves Me
Out In The Fields Where Everything Dies
Will We Be Lost Forever?
From Death And Darkness Love Was Born
And Love Survived And Created Light

Behold The Kingdom Of The Fearless
Who Holds The Seven Points Of Night?
Where Is The Hope Of Absolution
Beyond The Shadow Of My Sight?
I Hear The Weeping Of The Spirits
Dark Wings Of Hatred Rule The World
But I Will Rise Again, Pierced By The Thorns Of Death
Beyond The Shadow Of Their Eyes

Emalaith's Mine, A Soul Infinite
The Promise Of Peace Is Never
The Secret Of Death Is Ours To Possess
Ours Will Endure Forever
I See The Answer Burn In Your Eyes
Across The Wasteland, Death Into Life
The Mighty Spirits Crystalize
The Crown Of Glory Onward We Ride!!!

Beyond The Shadows Of The Skies
Waiting, Waiting, Waiting For The Light
It's Over, All Is Gone
Shadows Of Mourning...

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