Versuri VIRGIN STEELE - The Spirit Of Steele (Unreleased New Acoustic Mix)

Album: VIRGIN STEELE - Hymns To Victory

[Lyrics & Music - David DeFeis]

Lords Of Light, Cold Lords Of Darkness
Behold The Power I Now Pass Over
My Son This Steele Is Life And Death And Spirit...

From My Hands Into Your Hands
The True Sword Of Kings
I Now Pass On
My Father's Father Wore It
And Thy Father Bore It
Saviour Of Kings
Salvation Rings
Wield It In Strenght,
In Pride And Honour Forever...

Take My Hand, We'll Leave This Land
Far, Far Away, Asgard Awaits
Gods And Angels Call Us
From The Bridge Of Time
Homeward We Ride Into The Sea
When Life Is Done, My Name Will Live On...
Forever, Forever...

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