Versuri VIRGIN STEELE - Virgin Steele

Album: VIRGIN STEELE - Virgin Steele I

[By: D. DeFeis and J. Starr]

Wait till the twilight is gone and the
Heaven's lights are on.

[1st verse:]
Well I have seen the flames
While lords of terror reigned
Armor clashing splits the night
While the angels soared,
Packs of demons roared
Flashing metal, I jumped in the fray

[1st chorus:]
Feel the bite, hear the scream
We fear no evil
Helped by hands unseen
With a voice, like the wind
Seven trumpets sound the chords of dreams, now

[2nd verse:]
In mountain caverns deep, the molten flames would leap.
The virgin metal was thrust in the forge
Its power works for those
Whose dreams of peace still hold
The skies rejoice the coming day.

[2nd chorus:]
Gonna shout, gonna scream
The stacks of glory, sweetly sing their praise
Gonna shout, gonna scream, shake the world
And let them know we're here.

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